Receive toll free internet calls with phone equipment

New interface add to the PBX

TOLFA is an interface service that allows toll free internet calls to be connected to telephone facilities. No phone line is used, so there are no calling charges. You can start a conversation with a contact center agent simply by tapping (clicking) a button on the browser.

TOLFA can connect to most PBXs such as GENESYS, AVAYA, Asterisk, NEC, etc.

Receive toll free calls at the contact center

Receive toll free calls at the contact center

Easy to install, without changing the system

As long as you can connect to TOLFA, you can use your contact center's telephone equipment regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on-premise. No need to replace your PBX, CTI, CRM, or other systems or install additional systems. IVR call flows can be used without modification, and existing phone lines can be used without modification.

High compatibility with web tools

Users can start a conversation simply by accessing a URL. Users can initiate calls with Chat, Chatbot, voicebot, SMS, email, SNS, visual IVR, native apps, etc. This service is highly compatible with web tools.

No need to install application

Users can have a conversation using the contact center's dedicated web interface. There is no need to install applications. One tap of a button, users can start a conversation with the contact center the moment they feel like to.

Information from the browser can be handed over

PBX take over the information

It is possible to hand over information that could not be done by "telephone". For example, it becomes possible to send the desired product code from the customer to the contact center, and upon receipt, the agent can access the product details. It is also feasible to provide the agent with information about the history leading up to the inquiry at the time of the incoming call.

Seamless integration with web tools

IBM Watson also has a proven track record of connectivity

TOLFA can connect users to a contact center agent without leaving the call center. With TOLFA, users can start a conversation with an agent directly from a URL link in a message or an App link. It is also possible to connect a user to an agent who has responded to a chat inquiry with pinpoint accuracy.

Image of usage

TOLFA connects to the contact center's telephone equipment without using any telephone lines. Moreover, it can be used in conjunction with your existing telephone line

Telephone facilities and equipment can be used as they are

Operation is the same as before

TOLFA can connect to most PBXs, including GENESYS, AVAYA, Asterisk, and NEC (some equipment may be required). Therefore, in addition to telephone facilities, CTI, CRM, and other linked systems can be used without modification. Of course, it can also be used in conjunction with telephone lines, and call recording and IVR flows set up in the PBX can be used without modification. The system can be easily installed by simply connecting the telephone equipment to TOLFA.
By assigning incoming calls from TOLFA to the same queue (skill) as incoming calls from carrier lines, calls can be received together with incoming calls from carrier lines. Operators can handle incoming calls from TOLFA using their existing workflow.

High voice quality and voice encryption

Release the audio recordings of calls made between London and Tokyo

Audio is coded (voice coded) with high voice quality. In addition, voice is encrypted using DTLS to prevent eavesdropping and leakage of conversations. You can have a natural conversations even during long-distance calls.

No need to install application

A web interface is provided for each contact center. Users do not need to install any application to access the contact center. They can simply call the dedicated web interface from a button link, banner link, QR code, etc. from the website to start a conversation with the contact center.

TOLFA has the following Features


Information handover


Seamless integration


Cost reduction


High voice quality

Enables cost reductions

Incoming toll calls are widely used to contact call centers, account for more than the majority of incoming calls made from mobile phones, and the call charges are high. Since TOLFA connects users and contact centers without using phone lines, it can greatly reduce the costs of incoming charged calls.

Can be used from non-smartphones

Also available from Chrome OS

In addition to smartphones, you can have a conversation with the contact center from tablets and PCs, and from browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Chrome OS.